Outdoor Dining 


We are so excited that we are going to extend our Anniversary prices thru August 16th!


We will be honoring our Anniversary prices at our Napa location!

Our Anniversary is in full swing and we are excited about it!!! We have been so humbled by all support from all of you! It has been a delight to talk and see each of you when picking up orders!

Anniversary Menu

Bruschetta $3.95

Eggplant Parmigiana $8.95

Scaloppine Marsala $11.95

Calamari Steak $10.95

Fettuccine La Strada $8.95

Petto di Pollo $10.95

Salsiccia Peporanata $9.95

Quarantine Specials
12oz & 32oz Cocktail Options
Our signature cocktails are available in 12 oz and 32 oz.

Choose from:

  1. Italian Margaritas
  2. Moscow Mule
  3. Cosmo
  4. Passion Fruit Mojito
  5. Sangria – Flavors: Sour Apple White or Pomegranate.

These 32 ounce servings are great for 2 to 4 people, but we won’t say anything if it’s all just for you!

YES, it’s like getting a pitcher of your favorite cocktail!

Sorry, mason jars are not included.